What We Do

We are a community church that is engaged in exalting the Savior, Equipping the saints and Evangelizing sinners. God has called us to be trendsetters for the Kingdom and to walk in integrity in the midst of this perverse generation. We are the hands of God that reach back to the places that God has delivered us from and to minister hope to a depressed and desperate generation. Our ministries have one goal in mind and that goal is to bring as many people to Christ as possible as we work in an organized manner to disciple as many people as possible.

We endeavor to minister to the entire family and to encourage families to worship together on a regular basis. Pleasant Grove believes in encouraging men to be the Spiritual leaders of their homes. Through our men’s ministry, we challenge men to develop a close personal relationship with God and lead their families in a godly manner. We foster a spirit of brotherhood that is built on the Word of God and creates a realness that every man can appreciate. Our vision is to produce spiritually mature men who will teach other men how to discover their true identity in God.

Our youth are one of our greatest investments and it is our desire to mentor and help as many of them as possible to become functional Christians in our communities. We are a church that loves Christian and secular education and we are committed to assuring that our children are bright stars shining in the future for Christ and society. It is our goal in the near future that we start an after school program and eventually a daycare for our members, our community and also provide employment opportunities for our members as well as training to better equip our people to go into the workplace.

Women are very important to our church body. The goal of our women’s ministry is to reach all women and breakdown various barriers that hinder fellowship and spiritual growth. We desire to minister to the total woman and bring healing to the broken areas of their lives. Our ultimate goal for this ministry is to produce spiritually disciplined women that will in turn pass along these same principles to others women and ultimately point them to Christ.

Our choir and music ministry is designed to usher in the presence of God for our worship experiences. Our God is worthy of all glory, honor and praise because of who He is and the things that He has done. We celebrate what God has done in our lives individually, corporately and we share in His blessings together. Our desire is that our worship experiences through music would be prayerfully planned and God glorifying in every way.

We are committed to sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. We believe that God can save anybody that comes to him in repentance and confesses Christ. We are also engaged in disciplining men and women to help them live victorious Christian lives.


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